Defending Student Status for Qualified Graduate Students

Policy Memorandum No. 97

Recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies
Approved by University Council: December 5, 1988
Approved by the President: December 5, 1988
Effective: Spring Semester, 1989

At the recommendation of the Commission on Graduate Studies and with approval of the Graduate Student Assembly, University Council took action to create a student status (for registration purposes) of "Defending Student." The intent of the policy is to allow graduate students (both doctoral and masters) who meet the requirements of the policy and who intend only to "defend" their thesis or dissertation, to register and pay a fee (not to exceed the cost of one semester hour) rather than register for a minimum of three semester hours. This change will be effective Spring Semester, 1989.

Following is the text of the policy as adopted by Council.

Whereas, the current policy, as stated in the GRADUATE CATALOG, is that the graduate student must be registered for a minimum of three hours during the semester in which the final examination is scheduled, and

Whereas, students who register "for defense only" have completed all other degree requirements and are generally not on financial support, therefore be it

Resolved, that a new status be created, designated DEFENDING STUDENT, for any graduate student who

Let it further be

Resolved, that qualifying students need not register for any credit hours but instead would pay a Defending Student's Fee. Let it further be

Resolved that the fee not exceed the cost of one semester hour.


President's Policy Memorandum