Establishment of a University Committee on Athletics

Policy Memorandum No. 94

Recommended by University Council
Approved by University Council: May 2, 1988
Approved by the President: May 2, 1988
Effective: July 1, 1988

This action establishes a University Committee on Athletics, charged to "review and provide advice on broad policy issues relating to intercollegiate athletics." The measure, as adopted by Council, reads:

WHEREAS, in accordance with a reorganization plan for athletics, approved by the University's Board of Visitors on July 22, 1987, that the Virginia Tech Athletic Association, Inc. be dissolved as a corporate entity, and begin operations as an auxiliary enterprise within the existing University structure, effective July 1, 1988; and

WHEREAS, intercollegiate athletics is a matter of University-wide interest; and

WHEREAS, the University seeks to establish an advisory body to address intercollegiate athletic policy issues, with a majority of its membership being faculty members in accordance with NCAA guidelines:

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that University Council recommend the establishment of a University Committee on Athletics and have the President appoint a chairperson from among its membership, in accordance with Articles VI and VIII of the Constitution of the University Council; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that such a Committee have as its charge: To review and provide advice on broad policy issues relating to intercollegiate athletics, such charge to be incorporated in the Bylaws of University Council.

Specific Committee responsibilities would include:

  1. Provide advice to the Athletic Director on such matters as financial aid for student athletes, residential life for student athletes, program balance between revenue and nonrevenue sports, recruiting, admissions, NCAA compliance, and general intercollegiate athletic budgetary and operational matters.

  2. Provide advice to the Provost on matters related to academic progress of athletes, the admission policy for athletes, academic advising of athletes, and relations with academic departments and faculty in general.

  3. Participate in the search process for the selection of the Athletic Director. The Committee will also participate in periodic evaluations of the Athletic Director in coordination with the University official to whom the Athletic Director reports.

The membership proposed for the Committee, for incorporation in the Bylaws of University Council, is:

In accordance with Article VIII of the Constitution of the University Council:

  1. Faculty appointments to the Committee are for terms of three years, effective on the first day of September; terms are staggered to permit appointment of approximately one-third each year. Student appointments to University Committees are for terms of one year. Vacancies in unexpired terms are filled in the same manner as are full terms. (Article VIII, Section 4.)
  2. The Committee shall maintain minutes, accessible through the University Council.

Alumni and Student Aid representatives will be appointed by the President from names submitted by the Virginia Tech Alumni Association and the Virginia Tech Student Aid Association. Each Association will submit at least two names to the President for consideration.

The Committee shall meet monthly during the academic year and on a call basis during the summer months.


President's Policy Memorandum