Assignment of NG Grades

Policy Memorandum No. 92

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: April 18, 1988
Approved by the President: April 18, 1988
Effective: Second Summer Term, 1988

University Council approved, on April 18, a resolution designating "NG" as an indicator grade which will be assigned when no grade report is present for a course. The Registrar's Office is to contact the appropriate faculty member when no grade is reported and the grade report reflects an "NG" designation.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by Council.

Whereas, not all instructors assign "F" grades for non-attending students, and

Whereas, students may currently receive a missing grade when they do not attend a class for which they are enrolled, and

Whereas, students and advisors have demonstrated confusion and misunderstanding of the meaning of missing grades, and

Whereas, students and advisors sometimes assume that missing grades are simple errors which will be removed, and

Whereas, all missing grades are ultimately converted to "F" grades, if not otherwise assigned, and

Whereas, a grade in the "F category" would more clearly indicate the intent and the seriousness of the now currently missing grades, and

Whereas, a grade in the "F category" would more likely encourage students to investigate the cause of the grade and to seek corrective action, should such action be warranted, than the now currently missing grades, and

Whereas, a grade in the "F category" would clearly indicate that the final grade and resulting QCA is that of an "F" grade if no other action is taken, and

Whereas, an indicator other than "F" will help both students and advisors identify and understand the origin of grades not assigned by instructors,

Therefore, be it resolved that an indicator grade of "NG" will be assigned for all missing grades and that the content (if not actual text) of the following notice be made on grade reports and where else appropriate:

An "NG" grade will be assigned automatically when a student is en rolled in a class and when no other grade is assigned by the instruc tor. The "NG" grades are computed as "F" grades in QCA calculations.

The "NG" is intended to be a grade distinguishable from those initially assigned by an instructor and thus to clearly indicate to stu dents and advisors the origin of the grade.

The "NG" grades may remain on the academic records and need not be converted administratively to an "F."

This policy is to become effective with the second term summer 1988 or as soon thereafter as the University Registrar can implement.*

*The second term summer 1988 is the planned conversion to the new grade processing programs associated with the semester conversion. Thus, this or a later date is a logical implementation date. An earlier date may require duplicate program changes.


President's Policy Memorandum