Departmental Designation on Graduate Diplomas

Policy Memorandum No. 89

Recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies
Approved by University Council: April 4, 1988
Approved by the President: April 4, 1988
Effective: With diplomas awarded in 1989

The University Council, on April 4, 1988, unanimously approved a new policy giving colleges a choice of designating program specialization on graduate diplomas.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by Council.

Whereas, academic achievement is symbolized by the Graduate diploma awarded to the student upon graduation, and

Whereas, the Graduate degree itself signifies common achievement across all disciplines, in some fields the area of specialization provides important information about the expertise of the Graduate degree holder, and

Whereas, the absence of information about the program specialization on the Graduate diploma has disappointed some graduates, and

Whereas, some Colleges within the University have requested the addition of program identity to the Graduate diploma,

Therefore, be it resolved that Graduate diplomas designate the area of specialization if so requested by a College.


President's Policy Memorandum