Virginia Tech Films Policy

Policy Memorandum No. 84

Recommended by the Commission on Student Affairs
Approved by University Council: January 4, 1988
Approved by the President: January 19, 1988
Effective: Immediately

At the recommendation of the Commission on Student Affairs, University Council took action to amend the Films Policy at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The following policy pertains to the showing of motion pictures by recognized or registered University groups. This policy is set forth not to condone the showing of films which are generally recognized as obscene or pornographic, but to fulfill the highest aspirations of a university as an open intellectual marketplace where all ideas and ideologies can be sampled and tested. Although some of the ideas may not be particularly attractive or wholesome, censorship would endanger vital intellectual freedom.

Following is the text of the policy.

  1. All officially recognized or registered University groups shall have the opportunity to present films of any nature at Virginia Tech. This policy is subject to any applicable federal and state laws; for example, federal copyright laws and state obscenity laws.

  2. Films shall not be subject to review by any board or administrative body.

  3. All advertising for the film must clearly indicate the sponsoring organization and the rating of the film.

  4. The sponsoring organization will be responsible for verifying student identification at the door, if applicable. A Virginia Tech ID will be sufficient but not necessary to admit a student.


President's Policy Memorandum