Moratorium on Proposal of Changes in University Core Courses

Policy Memorandum No. 82

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: November 2, 1987
Approved by the President: November 2, 1987
Effective: Fall 1988

With the conversion to the semester system, this policy establishes a two year moratorium on the proposal of changes in the core curriculum. The purpose is to allow time for the established core curriculum to work before changes are implemented. After the two-year moratorium, in the Fall of 1990, the Commission on Undergraduate Studies will accept proposals for change.

Following is the text of the Resolution as adopted by the University Council.

Whereas the purpose of the University Core Curriculum, as stated in the Collins' Report, is to provide a liberal education experience to all Virginia Tech graduates, and

Whereas the University community labored for two years to develop the course structure for the semester calendar, and

Whereas a constantly changing list of approved University core courses is inimical to the intent of a University Core Curriculum,

Therefore let it be resolved that:

1) Once the Commission on Undergraduate Studies in Winter Quarter 1987 has approved the University core courses as a group within a division, any new core course proposed for inclusion in that division until Fall Semester 1988 must first be approved by the University Core Course Committee. Upon approval by that committee, the proposed University core courses must then proceed through the normal departmental, college and University approval sequence for University core courses.

2) Beginning with the Fall Semester of 1988, a moratorium will go into effect on the proposal of any new University Core Courses to be included in the core structure. An analysis of the semester core curriculum and student selection of its courses will be undertaken by the Core Curriculum Committee during the academic year 1989-90, after which proposed core curriculum changes will be received by CUS.

President's Policy Memorandum