79.0 Study Research Leave POLICY MEMORANDUM NO. 79 August 6, 1987 Recommended by: the Commission on Faculty Affairs Approved by University Council: April 20, 1987 Approved by the President: April 20, 1987 Effective: Immediately This resolution establishes a special category of study-research leave, called research assignment, that is awarded to a tenured academic faculty member for one semester of intensive study or research. It may be taken in lieu of an ordinary year long study-research leave. Full salary will be provided. The teaching load of a faculty member on research assignment will be covered by the department or division, possibly at times with the help of the Dean and Provost's Office. Following is the text of this re- solution as approved by the University Council, with accompanying text to be added to the FACULTY HANDBOOK: Whereas, excellent research is one of the most demanding of human activ- ities, and Whereas, the University is justifiably proud of the excellence of its teaching programs which place heavy burdens of time and energy on the academic teaching faculty, and Whereas, occasional relief from teaching responsibilities is vital in al- lowing a faculty member to maintain an excellent research program for an entire career, and Whereas, study-research leave does not address the needs of faculty members in all disciplines, and Whereas, it is essential for a comprehensive university to have a flow of its faculty to a wide variety of research and educational centers, and Whereas, all the peer institutions surveyed have a program of research as- signments, Therefore be it resolved that a special category of study-research leave be established, called research assignment Be it further resolved that the following text be added as a new section 2.12.3 of the FACULTY HANDBOOK with subsequent re-numbering of the 2.12 sections. Section 2.12.3 Research assignment is a special category of study-research leave that is awarded to a tenured academic faculty member for one semester of intensive study or research which increases the quality of the individual's profes- sional stature and future contribution to the University. It may be taken in lieu of an ordinary, year long study-research leave. Full salary will be provided to recipients of research assignments. Fac- ulty members will take on no responsibilities for additional outside income except as provided in compliance with the University's consulting policy. The primary privilege of a research assignment is entire relief from teach- ing and administrative duties for one semester; a secondary privilege is that the assignment may be carried out at any location approved by the dean, although research programs that require facilities, library re- sources, or collaborations not available at the University will be given special consideration. At the beginning of each academic year, the Provost will communicate to each dean the total number of research assignments available for that aca- demic unit in the following academic year. The dean is expected to weigh fiscal and academic load considerations to assure an equitable distribution of the awards. An application for research assignment should be submitted to the appropri- ate department head by October 15 of the academic year preceding that in which the assignment will be made. The application should be in the form of a letter, with a vita attached, which includes a detailed description of the proposed research or other scholarly project, the location of that ac- tivity and the relevance of the proposed activity in contributing to the faculty member's own scholarly research program. The department head will review the application and forward it with a recommendation to the college dean by November 15 indicating the provisions that will be made to accomodate the faculty member's teaching and advising responsibilities. Research assignment applications ranked by the dean will be forwarded to the Provost by December 10. The Provost will review the recommendations, communicate with the deans, and announce the results to each candidate at the beginning of the second semester. The Provost's Office will submit an annual report to the Commission on Fac- ulty Affairs regarding the number of research assignments granted by each college.