University Core Curriculum -- Clarification for Semester Calendar

Policy Memorandum No. 76

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: March 2, 1987
Approved by the President: March 2, 1987
Effective: Fall Semester, 1988-89

To clarify the requirements of the University Core Curriculum in semester credits, the University Council approved the following policy resolution:

Whereas, a University Core Curriculum was established at the University by action of the University Council and the President on January 17, 1983; and

Whereas, the University Core Curriculum was implemented beginning with the 1985-86 academic year by University Council and Presidential action on April 15, 1985; and

Whereas, the University adopted a semester calendar to begin in the Fall term of the 1988-89 school year.

Therefore, Be It Resolved, that the following statements clarify the President's Policy Memorandum No. 44 given the calendar conversion from the quarter to the semester system.

  1. The University Core Curriculum requirement will be a total of 32 semester credits.

  2. The 32 semester credit hours of the University Core Curriculum requirement will be distributed as:

    1. 6 hours of Freshman English

    2. 6 hours of mathematics

    3. 6 hours of humanities/fine arts

    4. 6 hours of social sciences

    5. 8 hours of natural science (including laboratory experience)

  3. The area core requirements will be met by completing an approved sequence/cluster consisting of two courses equivalent to an academic year of study.

  4. All colleges within the University are invited to submit year-long sequences/clusters for consideration in one or more of the areas of the University Core requirement.

  5. All other aspects of the Core Curriculum requirement as established in the President's Policy Memorandum No. 44 will remain in effect until or unless amended through proper university governance.

Note: Clarified Policy implemented Fall Semester, 1988-89

President's Policy Memorandum