Transfer Credit, Advanced Placement Credit, Advanced Standing Credit

Policy Memorandum No. 72

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: October 20, 1986
Approved by the President: October 20, 1986
Effective: Immediately

The University grants a considerable amount of advanced placement credit to freshmen, especially academically talented freshmen. For that reason, the Commission on Undergraduate Studies developed this resolution to clarify policies surrounding the granting of credit granted for the completion of equivalent course-work and/or experiences elsewhere. The Policy authorizes granting up to fifty-seven quarter hours or thirty-eight semester hours of transferred credit, a slight increase from previous policy. One purpose of the change is to assist very capable students who complete much of their freshman year in high school. The change is also intended to include in the advanced placement program the International Baccalaureate program, a high school program offered to students living abroad. Following is the text of the Resolution.

WHEREAS, numerous students present transfer credits from U.S. and international institutions for evaluation, and

WHEREAS, Virginia Tech is one of the leading universities in the nation in the number of candidates presenting scores for advanced placement (AP) credit, and in the quantity of AP credit, and

WHEREAS, no formal policies exist for granting advanced standing credit for the International Baccalaureate diploma or courses, the 13th year of certain international secondary schools, and certain experiences in mathematics, and

WHEREAS existing policies for the granting of transfer credits, advanced placement credits, advanced standing credits, and credit by examination should be reviewed and evaluated on a timely basis,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the recommended policies be reaffirmed and/or approved as follows.

This proposal is intended to clarify the policies surrounding the issues of credit granted for the completion of equivalent course-work at accredited collegiate institutions and/or experiences other than that obtained in formal course enrollments at Virginia Tech.

  1. Transfer credit will be allowed on the basis of the evaluation of official transcripts for courses completed in residence at and transferred from an accredited college or university.

  2. Advanced placement (AP) credit will be granted based on appropriate scores on the Advanced Placement CEEB examination not to exceed 57 quarter (38 semester) hours.

  3. Advanced standing without credit will be allowed for satisfactory completion of 1-5 years of studies in a foreign language in a secondary school and for exceptional performance on certain tests and/or achievements in English.

  4. Advanced standing with credit will be allowed for exceptional performances on certain tests and/or achievements in mathematics, vocational education fields, International Baccalaureate program or the terminal year at an international secondary school, not to exceed 57 quarter (38 semester) hours.

  5. Credit by examination will be allowed by special examination where exceptional command of a subject is demonstrated not to exceed 18 quarter (12 semester) hours.

President's Policy Memorandum