Policy on Re-examination for Graduating Seniors

Policy Memorandum No. 66

January 17, 1986

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: January 6, 1986
Approved by the President: January 6, 1986
Effective: Immediately

On the recommendation of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies, the University Council has approved a refinement of the University's policy on reexaminations. Following is the text of the Policy Resolution as adopted by University Council:

WHEREAS, present policy permits a re-examination in one course failed by a graduating senior if a higher grade in that course will graduate the student, and

WHEREAS, there is no present time limit on the re-examination,


A re-examination in one course, in which the final grade is C- or below, may be authorized when the student was enrolled in the course during the final quarter of his or her senior year and a satisfactory re-examination in the course qualifies the student for graduation. A re-examination request must be made and the exam be completed by the student as soon as possible but no later than one quarter or two summer sessions after the initial examination in the course.

Re-examination approval by the instructor, the student's department head and the student's college dean is required, with consideration given to class performance and completion of assigned work.

President's Policy Memorandum

URL: http://purl.vt.edu/vtdocs/policies/ppm66