Change in Membership and Charge of the Computer Committee

Policy Memorandum No. 55

Approved by University Council: December 3, 1984
Approved by the President: December 3, 1984
Effective: Immediately

The University Council on December 3 took action to add two new members to the membership of the University Computer Committee and to expand the charge of the Committee. The Director of Communication Network Services was added as an ex officio member, because of the Committee's responsibility in the area of telecommunications associated with computing. In addition, at the recommendation of the EO/AA Committee, a representative of the classified staff, appointed by the President, is added to the membership of the Committee, in part to represent the interests of those who operate and make heavy use of computer equipment.

The charge of the Committee, as currently stated in University Council bylaws, is as folllows: "to make recommendations for the efficient utilization of the University's computer facilities," At the recommendation of the Committee, itself, that charge was expanded to read as follows:

The University Computer Committee is charged with making recommendations for the efficient utilization of the University's computer facilities. The Committee's scope of concerns includes all instructional, research, extension and administrative computing provided through the University's computing facilities, and all existing or proposed devices connected to the computing facilities.

The Committee shall:

  1. identify and make recommendations on issues of University-wide interest in the areas of computing and associated telecommunications.

  2. review plans for the development and use of University-wide computer support for instruction, research, extension and administration.

  3. assess the effectiveness of existing computing facilities and supporting communication networks.

  4. prepare recommendations on the appropriateness of new or expanded central computing facilities and communication networks.

President's Policy Memorandum