Revised Policy on Refinement of Policy on Credit by Examination

Policy Memorandum No. 48

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: November 21, 1983
Approved by the President: November 21, 1983
Effective: Immediately

University Council has revised the first paragraph of the section entitled "Credit by Examination" on Page 54 of the 1984-85 Undergraduate Catalogue to read (old language within brackets; new language uppercase):

Credit, not to exceed 18 quarter hours, may be allowed by special examination where exceptional command of a subject can be demonstrated in lieu of formal course work. This privilege [ is intended to recognize informal educational experience that may be the equivalent of organized class work and ] is not available to a student who has audited or enrolled previously in the course OR HAS PREVIOUSLY ATTEMPTED CREDIT BY EXAMINATION IN THE COURSE. IF CREDIT BY EXAMINATION IS DEEMED APPROPRIATE, THE OFFERING DEPARTMENT SHALL HAVE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR DETERMINING THE TYPE OF EXAMINATION TO BE GIVEN AND WHAT CONSTITUTES A PASSING MARK.

The revised paragraph reflects current policy on Credit by Examination and will be used in future Catalogues.

President's Policy Memorandum