Revising Degree Requirements

Policy Memorandum No. 41a

The University Council on October 18, 1982, approved two policies relating to changes in undergraduate degree requirement. One policy outlines guidelines to assist departments and colleges in revising undergraduate degree requirements. The other makes clear that statements relating to course offerings and requirements in the University Catalog are those in effect as the time of publication but do not guarantee that such requirements will not be changed or revoked. Both proposals were supported by the Faculty Senate.

Resolution on Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Requirement Changes

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: October 18, 1982
Approved by the President: October 18, 1982
Effective: Immediately (for requirements to go into effect in the 1983-84 academic year)

WHEREAS, all authorized undergraduate degrees (options and concentrations) are defined operationally by departments and promulgated in the form of checklists; and

WHEREAS, the current procedures affecting changes in degree requirements (total hours, specific course requirements, courses in major, courses in concentrations, etc.) do not establish consistent actions among the departments, making it exceedingly difficult for students, faculty, and the Registrar to keep track of the changes; and

WHEREAS, no one maintains a system to monitor or review over time the collective actions of departments in changing degree requirements, few historical records exist to track degree requirement changes, and no records exist in codified form;


  1. That the CUS direct its secretary to maintain a file of all the "official" degree requirement checklists (degree, option, and minor) in effect for the current academic year as well as checklists in effect during the past six (6) academic years; and

  2. That the Office of the Registrar maintain a duplicate file of degree checklists for working reference; and

  3. That the University (CUS) adopt the following guidelines to assist departments and colleges in the revision and implementation of curricula changes in a reasonable and open manner:

    1. The department offering an undergraduate degree will assume primary responsibility for its quality and take the initiative in any revision of its degree programs.

    2. All proposed changes in undergraduate degree programs (options or minors) will be collected over the academic year by the department/division and submitted as a package no more frequently than once each year to the college curriculum committee (and dean) for review and approval and then to be forwarded to CUS for review and , if approved, for incorporation into the "official" checklist for the next academic year.

    3. New (i.e., updated) checklists will be entered into the CUS and Registrar's files only once each year, following commencement day at the end of the spring quarter. At that time, any checklists more than seven (7) years old will be discarded, unless there are no more recent approved checklists in the file for the program in question.

President's Policy Memorandum