Policy Statement on Grade Appeal Procedure

Policy Memorandum No. 38

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: June 7, 1982
Approved by the President: June 7, 1982
Effective: Immediately

Following is the text of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies Resolution 81-82C, a policy statement on grade appeal procedure:

WHEREAS, "Students should have protection through orderly procedures against prejudicial or capricious academic evaluations," JOINT STATEMENT ON RIGHTS AND FREEDOMS OF STUDENTS 1967, and

WHEREAS, there is no stated policy at Virginia Tech on grade appeals by students, and some students may not realize that they have the right of grade appeal, and

WHEREAS, DE FACTO grade appeal procedures do exist in each college and alleged unfair evaluations are appealed (1) to the teacher, (2) to the department/division head, and (3) to the college dean, and

WHEREAS, the evaluation of academic performance varies so widely from college to college and from department to department as to preclude a rigid appeal policy which would be applicable to all units and situations, and

WHEREAS, University policy states that "the assignment of an individual grade is the sole prerogative of the instructor for the class," FACULTY HANDBOOK, p. 33, and

WHEREAS, ". . . faculty members are expected to designate the bases of their grades to students enrolled in their classes on the first day of class," FACULTY HANDBOOK, p. 32,

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the following statement appear in the STUDENT HANDBOOK and in the FACULTY HANDBOOK as soon as possible:

University policy states that the assignment of a grade is the sole prerogative of the instructor of the class. It is incumbent on the instructor to establish the criteria for grading in the syllabus that is distributed at the beginning of the quarter. All grades are to be based on established grading criteria and not on personal conduct or opinions unrelated to academic standards. If a student feels that a grade has been calculated incorrectly or has been assigned in a prejudiced or capricious manner, the student should discuss the matter with the instructor. If discussion between the instructor and the student cannot resolve the issue, the student should appeal to the department/division head. In the unusual circumstance that resolution does not occur at the departmental/divisional level, the student may appeal to the college dean, who will attempt to reconcile the matter by whatever mechanism seems most appropriate for that College and for that case. A grade appeal must be made by the student, and as soon as possible but no later than the student's subsequent quarter of enrollment, after the grade in question has been assigned.

President's Policy Memorandum

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