Obsolete Academic Records

Policy Memorandum No. 37

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: June 7, 1982
Approved by the President: June 7, 1982
Effective: September, 1982

Following is the text of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies Resolution 81-82H pertaining to obsolete academic records:

WHEREAS, national studies show a growing tendency for mature students to return and finish degrees begun many years in the past, and

WHEREAS, Virginia Tech has participated in this trend, and

WHEREAS, knowledge has expanded many times over in virtually every discipline during the past several decades, and

WHEREAS, academic deans currently have the ability to deny transfer credit for courses no longer deemed appropriate for a course of study at this institution, and

WHEREAS, grades received for courses taken ten years or more prior to readmission may not reflect the same level of compentency as current grades,


THAT in the case of a student returning to this University after an absence of at least ten years, the appropriate academic dean shall treat this student's academic record as that of a transfer student and only allow credit for those courses appropriate for the degree, and

THAT the student will only receive credit for allowable courses and the grades for those courses will not be computed into the student's QCA, and

THAT all previous course, whether allowed for credit or not, will remain as part of the student's permanent record.

President's Policy Memorandum

URL: http://purl.vt.edu/vtdocs/policies/ppm37