Readmission of Students With Weak Academic Records

Policy Memorandum No. 36

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: May 24, 1982
Approved by the President: May 24, 1982
Effective: September, 1982

Following is the text of the Commission on Undergraduate Studeies Resolution 81-82-E concerning readmission of students with weak academic records:

WHEREAS, a student who fails to attain the required minimum QCA at the end of the spring quarter is placed on academic drop, and

WHEREAS, if that student fails to meet the required academic eligibility by the end of the summer session, he/she is suspended for the following academic year, and

WHEREAS, many students do not return as soon as they are eligible, but return in a subsequent winter or spring quarter, and

WHEREAS, those students are then required to meet the eligibility schedule at the end of that spring quarter or receive a second (permanent) drop, and

WHEREAS, those students might be better advised to consider the improbability of sucess and seek admission at another university or perhaps return at a summer or fall quarter to allow more time to raise their QCA before the mandatory evaluation of the follwoing June, and

WHEREAS, the academic deans have a good perspective to judge the student's qualifications and advise on courses and strategy to increase the probability of sucess,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that all students requesting readmission for the winter and/or spring quarters be required to obtain approval from the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled if his/her QCA is less than 2.0.

President's Policy Memorandum