Academic Eligibility Schedule

Policy Memorandum No. 35

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: May 24, 1982
Approved by the President: May 24, 1982
Effective: Fall, 1983

Following is the text of the Commission on Undergraduate Studeies Resolution 81-82-D on academic standing of undergraduates:

WHEREAS, undergraduate students at Virginia Tech are required to have an overall QCA of at least 2.00 to graduate, and

WHEREAS, under the current Academic Eligibility Schedule, a student could essentially complete the third year at 145 hours attempted and enter the fourth year with a QCA as low as 1.75, and a student dropped and readmitted could enter the fourth year with a QCA as low as 1.50 or lower, and

WHEREAS, if the QCA is only 1.75 at 154 hours attempted, it would require a QCA in excess of 2.80 (3.60 with a 1.50 QCA at 145 hours) during the senior year to meet graduation requirements on schedule, and

WHEREAS, records indicate that, even with sincere effort, it is unlikely that students in this situation can earn a 2.00 QCA overall, or 2.50 from June to June, required to remain in school, and

WHEREAS, most of the entering freashmen have attempted 54 hours or less at the end of their first year and 104 hours or less by the end of their second year, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the University Eligibility Schedule be changed as follows:

Hours Attempted
(Including P/F Courses)
Plus Transfer Hours
Required Cumulative
QCA at the End of
Each Academic Year
From:0 - 901.50
91 - 1451.75
146 - up2.00
To:0 - 541.50
55 - 1041.75
105 - up2.00

Effective for all students entering fall, 1983, or thereafter.

President's Policy Memorandum