University Committee on Patents and University Committee on Copyrights

Policy Memorandum No. 34

Recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research
Approved by University Council: May 3, 1982
Approved by the President: May 3, 1982
Effective: Immediately

On May 3, 1982, acting on the advise of the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research, the University Council passed a resolution separating the University Committee on Copyrights and the University Committee on Patents.

The committees had been combined several years ago at the request of their members in an effort to reduce the number of committees. The membership of the combined committee consisted of five faculty members nominated by the Faculty Senate, an administrative representative, the Dean of Research, the Director of Learning Resources Center, and the University Legal Council. However, the current membership recommended the separations as a result of the combined committee's experience which indicated that work on patents and work on copyrights could best be handled separately.

It was agreed that the two committees will be structured as originally specified by the Board of Visitors in 1970 and 1973. The Committee on Copyrights will consist of five faculty members actively involved in copyright matters and one administrator. The Committee on Patents will consist of four faculty members involved in activities with patent potential, one vice president appointed by the President, the Dean of the Research Division, and the University's General Counsel. Of the four faculty members on the Committee on Patents, there will be one each from the Colleges of Agriculture & Life Sciences, Arts & Sciences, and Engineering, with the fourth member from any of the other colleges. Members on both committees will be appointed by the President, under provisions of the Constitutions of the University Council and Faculty Senate.

President's Policy Memorandum