Revisions to Constitutions of the University Council and Faculty Senate

Policy Memorandum No. 30

Approved by the Faculty Senate
Approved by University Council
Approved by the Board of Visitors: November 30, 1981
Effective: Fall, 1982

It is a pleasure to advise the faculty that on November 30, the Board of Visitors unanimously approved substantial revisions in the Constitutions of the University Council and Faculty Senate.

The amendments to both constitutions previously had been approved by the Faculty Senate and University Council. In addition, in recent weeks, the faculty, voting in referendum, gave their approval to the proposed amendments to the Faculty Senate Constitution. The Senate has reported 856 faculty members, representing 61 percent of those eligible, voted on the Senate amendments; 831, or 97 percent of those voting, approved them. Therefore, all requirements for approval have been met, and the amendments to BOTH constitutions, along with new bylaws of the University Council, will be put fully into effect.

I want to express sincere appreciation for the support of the faculty in effecting these revisions.

Briefly, the amendments to the University Council Constitution create a new Commission on Extension, divide the Commission on Graduate Studies & Research into two Commissions -- the Commission on Research and the Commission on Graduate Studies -- and establish the membership of both; update titles, offices, and organizational names that have changed since the last constitutional revisions; add to the voting membership of the University Council one representative of the Faculty Senate, the Vice President for Development & University Relations, and the President of the Residence Hall Federation; give voting privileges in Council to the Vice President of the Student Government Association, the President of the Junior Class, a second graduate student representative, and the University Librarian; require a system of bylaws of the University Council and establish, in conjunction with the bylaws, a referral and review procedure to guarantee opportunity for review of proposed policy changes by the Faculty Senate and other governance units represented on Council; and establish, also in conjunction with the bylaws, a more formalized system of University committees and operational committees.

The amendments to the inter-locking Faculty Senate Constitution bring it into line with the revised Constitution of the University Council; clarify some ambiguity in the previous constitution about who is represented in the Faculty Senate, and alter Faculty Senate elections to establish more uniform election processes of Faculty Senators among the several colleges.

Nearly all of the amendments to the University Council Constitution already have been implemented, except for those establishing the new Commission on Extension and splitting the Commission on Research & Graduate Studies into the separate Commission on Graduate Studies and the Commission on Research. After consultation with the University, we have decided to establish the new commissions with the beginning of the 1982-83 academic year. The period until September, 1982, can be used in planning and preparation for the work of the new commissions. Until then, the current commission structure of University governance will continue.

Copies of the complete Constitutions and Bylaws of the University Council and Faculty Senate will be assembled and published in the immediate future.

In the meantime, individual copies may be obtained from the President's Office.


President's Policy Memorandum