New Faculty Sick Leave Policy

Policy Memorandum No. 29

Recommended by the Commission on Faculty Affairs
Approved by University Council: May 25, 1981
Approved by the President: May 25, 1981
Approved by the Board of Visitors: July 27, 1981
Effective: September 1, 1981

The Board of Visitors, on July 27, approved a new faculty sick leave policy effective September 1, 1981. The policy, which provides for six months of sick leave upon appointment, was the outgrowth of recommendations made by the University's Employee Benefits Committee with revisions and subsequent approval being granted throughout the University governance structure.

The new policy, briefly stated, provides to faculty members in restricted or permanent salaried positions an immediate protection of twenty-six weeks of sick leave. On return from sick leave, reaccrual of a maximum of twenty-six weeks takes place at the rate of one week of sick leave for each two weeks of full time work. The twenty-six weeks maximum accrual is intended to be consistent with a long-term disability program currently under consideration by the University.

New faculty members whose employment begins on or after September 1, 1981, will automatically be covered under the new policy. Faculty members whose employment began before September 1, 1981, can elect to participate in the new program, or may choose to remain in the existing program. For those faculty members employed before September 1, 1981, who have sick leave balances in excess of twenty-six weeks and who elect to participate in the new program, current sick leave balances are retained. However, no additional accruals beyond current accumulation will occur, and the total accumulation will reduce to twenty-six weeks with the use of sick leave. Faculty members continuing on the old sick leave program will continue to earn and accrue sick leave in accordance with the old policy.

A copy of the new policy will be distributed to all faculty in the immediate future, and plans are being developed by the members of the Employee Relations Department and members of the Employee Benefits Committee to provide faculty with helpful information that may be needed as a basis for reaching a decision in selecting sick leave options.

For faculty members whose employment began prior to September 1, 1981, an election must be made indicating a desire to either remain in the old plan or to switch to the new plan. The choice is to be made prior to January 1, 1982, and will be irrevocable. Forms on which faculty may make their selections will be distributed with the copies of the new policy in the immediate future and must be returned to the Employee Relations Department by the January 1, 1982, deadline.


President's Policy Memorandum