Policy Changes Relating to Graduate Student Fees

Policy Memorandum No. 23

1. Ceiling on Fees Charged Off-Campus Graduate Students

Recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research, April 20, 1980
Approved by University Council: May 5, 1980
Approved by the President: May 5, 1980
Effective: Summer Session, 1980

This change establishes a ceiling on fees for off-campus graduate students similar to the ceiling on fees for on-campus graduate students. Current policy for on-campus graduate students is that extra fees are not charged for enrollments of more than ten hours (changed to nine hours with Summer Session, 1980; see second part of this memorandum). The change makes this policy apply equally to all graduate students, whether on or off campus. Heretofore, off-campus graduate students were required to pay extra fees for extra courses beyond the 10- (or 9-) hour limitation. Purpose of the change is to achieve greater equity in fees charged all graduate students.

2. Definition of Full-Time Graduate Students for Fee Purposes

Recommended by the President of the University
Approved by the Board of Visitors: May 2, 1980
Effective: Summer Session, 1980

The Board of Visitors has approved a change in definition of full time graduate students for fee purposes. Effective with the 1980 Summer Session, full fees are to be set at nine credit hours per quarter (five credit hours per summer session).

Heretofore, full fees for graduate students have been set at ten credit hours per quarter. While many academic programs require graduate students to take no more than nine credit hours during certain quarters and consider them full-time students for academic purposes, the University has defined such students as part-time for fee purposes. They were thus charged at part-time tuition rates and were certified as part-time students for purposes of veterans' benefits, loans, athletic tickets, student health services, etc. In addition, because such students would have had to pay extra tuition, the definition tended to discourage them from taking helpful or supportive (but not required) courses in excess of nine hours.

The change gives graduate students certain student privileges they do not now enjoy; it will tend to encourage them to take additional courses that would help them in their program of study; and it will reduce confusion between academic and administrative definitions of full-time graduate students.

Because it is financial in nature, this proposed change was taken to the Board of Visitors as an administrative matter. Prior to the President's recommendation to the Board of Visitors, the Dean of the Graduate School consulted with the Faculty Senate, the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research, and members of the Graduate Assembly about the proposal.

It should be understood that this action by the Board of Visitors does not change the State's definition of full-time graduate students for purposes of State funding, loans, scholarships or residence.

President's Policy Memorandum

URL: http://purl.vt.edu/vtdocs/policies/ppm23