Modification of Auditing Policy

Policy Memorandum No. 21

Recommended by Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: March 31, 1980
Approved by the President: March 31, 1980
Effective: Immediately

University policy, as described on Page 41 of the 1980-81 Undergraduate Catalog, states that students may be enrolled as auditors in classes "other than laboratory courses" if they have permission of their course advisors and class instructors.

This change expands that policy slightly by adding the following statement after the first sentence in the policy statement on Page 41 of the Catalog:

The lecture portion of laboratory linked courses and courses with computation periods may be designated as eligible for audit at the request of the course department head and on approval by the dean of the college.

The purpose of this modification is to allow certain students the benefit of auditing courses with laboratory or computational periods when the auditing activity will not interfere with the educational opportunities of regular students in the courses or the conduct of the laboratory or computational periods. The modification is designed especially for auditing of some courses with computational periods, which now are labeled automatically as "laboratory" courses.

President's Policy Memorandum