Clarification on Faculty Earning Degrees at the University

Policy Memorandum No. 19

Recommended by the Commission on Faculty Affairs
Approved by University Council: January 7, 1980
Approved by the President: January 7, 1980
Effective: Immediately

The penultimate paragraph in the section entitled "Advanced Study" on page 53 of the Faculty Handbook (June 1977) reads as follows:

Faculty members of the rank of assistant professor and above are not allowed to obtain a degree at this institution.

As a clarification of this policy, the paragraph above will be replaced by the following:

The University has adopted the policy that faculty members of the rank of assistant professor or above shall not become a candidate for a degree or be awarded a degree at this institution. The policy is designed to avoid the awkwardness of faculty members evaluating their colleagues in the fulfillment of degree requirements. The Provost's Office may waive this policy for an individual following appeal to the Commission on Faculty Affairs, which may recommend to the Provost's Office that the purpose of the policy is not thereby contradicted.

President's Policy Memorandum