Accommodation of Disabilities

Policy Memorandum No. 178

Approved by the Commission on Classified Staff Affairs: January 8, 1997
Approved by the Commission on Faculty Affairs: January 24, 1997
Approved by University Council: February 17, 1997
Approved by the President: February 17, 1997
Effective: Immediately

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commission on Classified Staff Affairs and the Commission on FacultyAffairs, unanimously approved a resolution concerning students and employees with disablities.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by University Council.

WHEREAS, the total number of students, faculty, and staff with disabilities is increasing dramatically as evidenced by a 400% increase in students registered with Services for Students with Disabilities in four years, and

WHEREAS, the University has not issued a formal belief statement concerning students and employees with disabilities, and

WHEREAS, current policies inadequately address our commitment to providing accommodations to students, applicants, and employees with disabilities, and

WHEREAS, there has been a lack of clarity in defining our responsibilities to fulfill requests for accommodations, and

WHEREAS, there has been a lack of information concerning the requirements of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the attached policy on Accommodation of Students, Employees, and Applicants with Disabilities be adopted effective immediately and that policy 4075, related policies, and University handbooks be revised appropriately.


Virginia Tech is committed to ensuring that all qualified individuals with disabilities have the opportunity to take part in educational and employment programs and services on an equal basis. The aim is to provide this opportunity in an integrated setting that fosters independence and meets the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.

Reasonable accommodations are made on an individual and flexible basis. Appropriate services may include 1) support, counseling, and information, 2) academic assistance services, 3) referral services, and 4) environmental modifications. However, it is the responsibility of individuals with disabilities to make their needs known and to provide documentation of a disability. It is the responsibility of the faculty or supervisor to comply with accommodation requests made by appropriate university offices. Appeals of requests may be made through procedures stated in Policy 4075 (for applicants and employees) and in University Policies for Student Life (for students).

Virginia Tech ensures equitable access through the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (231-7500 (v); 231-9460 TTY), Dean of Students Office, Services for Students with Disabilities (231-3787 (v); 231-8718 TTY), Personnel Services (231-9331(v); 231-6258 TTY), the ADA Executive Committee, and the ADA Advisory Panel.


President's Policy Memorandum