Proposed Restructuring of Undergraduate Degree Programs in Urban Affairs and Planning

Policy Memorandum No. 169

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies: April 22, 1996
Approved by University Council: October 7, 1996
Approved by the President: October 7, 1996
Approved by the Board of Visitors: November 11, 1996
Effective: Immediately

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies, unanimously approved a resolution concerning the restructuring of undergraduate degree programs in Urban Affairs and Planning.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by University Council.

WHEREAS, the proposed restructuring of undergraduate degrees (currently B.A. in Urban Affairs and B.S. in Public Administration) in Urban Affairs and Planning serves a number of very important university objectives including providing new academic opportunities which will better serve student needs and interests; improving faculty productivity; reducing required credit hours for degree completion; reassessing less productive degree programs; updating curricula to reflect changes in the field of study; internationalizing the curriculum; and providing substantive opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration in instruction, research, and service; and

WHEREAS, a proposed replacement degree program, the B.S. in Environmental Policy and Planning, emanates from a recommendation of the University Committee on Environmental Studies which determined that an interdisciplinary, policy-oriented undergraduate program was needed to complement existing institutional strengths in the environmental sciences and engineering; and

WHEREAS, the proposal for the second restructured degree, the B.A. in Public and Urban Affairs, has been shaped by careful consideration of feedback provided by students in exit interviews and outcomes assessment surveys and builds on newly identified concentrations within the School for Public and International Affairs (SPIA); and

WHEREAS, both restructured degrees offer important opportunities for faculty and student interdisciplinary collaboration. While administered by the department of Urban Affairs and Planning, the Environmental Policy and Planning degree program will involve 21 departments in six colleges. Similarly, the restructured degree program in Public and Urban Affairs depends on collaboration of the four departments involved in SPIA; and

WHEREAS, the restructured degree proposals were approved unanimously by the College of Architecture and Urban Studies Curriculum Committee in December 1995, the Committee on Curriculum of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies (CUSP) in April 1996, and by the Commission (CUSP) also in April 1996.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies recommends approval of the undergraduate degree restructuring in Urban Affairs and Planning by University Council and the Board of Visitors with subsequent submission to the State Council for Higher Education.


President's Policy Memorandum