Reassignment of Administrative and Professional (A/P) Faculty to Classified Positions

Policy Memorandum No. 164

Recommended by the Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs: March 19, 1996
Approved by University Council: May 6, 1996
Approved by the President: May 6, 1996
Effective: Immediately

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commission on Administrative and Professional Faculty Affairs, unanimously approved a resolution to clarify the conditions under which A/P faculty may be reassigned to classified positions.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by University Council.

WHEREAS, a recent grievance from a professional faculty member highlighted the need to clarify section 3.6 of the Faculty Handbook concerning reassignment of administrative and professional (A/P) faculty to classified positions; and

WHEREAS, reassignment from an A/P faculty position to a classified position may occasionally be appropriate given a change in job responsibilities and the availability of a relevant classified title; and,

WHEREAS, CAPFA recognizes that university administrators should have the flexibility to propose such changes to facilitate restructuring efforts or to bring a position in line with actual responsibilities; and,

WHEREAS, CAPFA members believe that changes in salary and/or benefits resulting from reassignment constitute significant changes to an employee's status that deserve very careful consideration, approval by higher-level administrators for appropriateness and justification, and advance notice to the employee,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that section 3.6 of the Faculty Handbook be revised to clarify the conditions under which an A/P faculty member may be reassigned to a classified position or have his or her salary reduced.

Revised Text from Section 3.6 of the Faculty Handbook:

2. Reassignment:

The University may reassign administrative and professional faculty members at any time. Reassignment may involve change in administrative title or supervisory responsibilities, reassignment to another position or department, transfer to a classified position, and/or reduction in salary commensurate with reduced responsibilities. Neither notice of non-reappointment nor removal for cause is required to effect a reassignment. The University's responsibility under reassignment shall be to make available a substitute position or duties reasonably commensurate with the person's education, experience, and performance. Reassignment which involves a geographic transfer of more than 35 miles shall be conducted in accordance with the geographical transfer policy (see section 2.17).

In cases of reduction in salary and/or transfer to a classified position, the proposed reassignment must be reviewed and approved by the senior administrator. The effective date of the reassignment shall be no sooner than 90 days following senior administrator approval.


President's Policy Memorandum