Academic Year/Calendar Year Appointment

Policy Memorandum No. 161

Recommended by the Commission on Research: February 28, 1996
Approved by University Council: April 1, 1996
Approved by the President: April 1, 1996
Approved by the Board of Visitors: April 22, 1996
Effective: Immediately

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commission on Research, unanimously approved a resolution concerning the conditions under which AY faculty may have the opportunity of converting to CY appointment.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by University Council.

WHEREAS, many faculty on academic year (AY) appointments have funded research programs that continue year around, and

WHEREAS, these faculty are required to be on campus during the summer to direct the research program, to instruct graduate students in theses and dissertation research, and to supervise research staff, and

WHEREAS, many of these same faculty have consistently earned full summer compensation paid from grants and contracts, and

WHEREAS, these summer earnings are defined as wages by the Commonwealth and do not earn fringe benefits,

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED by the Commission on Research in recognition of their year round contributions that AY faculty with a consistent history of sponsored research funding and full summer earnings from grants and contracts be given the opportunity of converting to a calendar year (CY) appointment with the approval of the Department Head, College Dean and Provost, and be it

Further resolved that procedures for conversion be documented and promulgated as a numbered University policy and that section of the Faculty Handbook be amended by retitling to "Conversion of Faculty Appointments" and adding a second paragraph as follows:

Under certain conditions, an academic-year appointment may be converted to a calendar-year appointment for faculty members who are typically fully supported on sponsored funding during the summer. Requests for such conversions must be approved by the department head, dean, and provost. For additional information on CY conversions for research faculty, consult Policy 6200, "Policy and Procedures for CY Conversions for Faculty on Sponsored Research."


The conversion of an appointment to calendar-year for an academic-year faculty member who is typically fully supported on sponsored funding during the summer allows retirement contributions to be made on that summer income from the outside source. A full-time faculty member on an academic-year (AY) appointment may be appointed to a defined term calendar-year (CY) position provided the following conditions are met.

  1. The faculty member must have assurance of funding to support her/his full summer salary plus fringe benefits cost. Full summer salary is defined as no less than two months and no more than three months. The source of such funds will usually be sponsored grants and contracts, but there may be other sources depending upon the work assignment. The pro-rata share of fringe benefits cost will be charged to each source as appropriate. The department will be responsible for fringe benefits cost related to salary charged to overhead or E&G funds; the central fringe benefits account will not absorb these additional costs.

  2. The faculty member's department head must initiate the request to the Dean and the Provost to appoint the faculty member to a CY position for a minimum period of 15 months for a May 16 start date, or 13.5 months for a July 1 start date, or 12 months for an August 16 start date.

  3. The CY appointment may be renewed without limit.

  4. In the event the faculty member's sponsored funding does not materialize or is inadequate to cover the full costs, the department will be responsible for any shortfall; the work assignment should be related to the source of funds.

  5. The effective date of AY to CY conversions may be May 16, July 1, or August 16. Salary earned and escrowed from the prior academic year will be paid out at the time of conversion.

  6. The conversion process must be approved and completed one month prior to the effective date.

  7. Retroactive conversions will not be approved.

  8. The CY salary will be calculated by multiplying the AY salary by a factor within the range of 1.222 to 1.333 corresponding to the two or three month time period. The P3A must reflect a distribution among funding sources such that no more salary is taken from the 208/229 source than the pre-conversion AY salary.

  9. The salary distribution must follow the work assignment. Fringe benefits costs will follow the salary distribution.

  10. Faculty members on CY appointments do not receive additional compensation for summer school teaching or sponsored research duties. However, they do remain eligible for additional compensation for participation in continuing education programs and for consulting activities in accordance with policies in the Faculty Handbook.

  11. CY faculty earn annual leave and designated holidays as described in the Faculty Handbook. All CY faculty are subject to policies related to the use and reporting of annual leave and are expected to perform duties during academic breaks unless on approved annual leave. Faculty on CY research appointments are advised to use annual leave during the appointment period as unused annual leave will not be compensated at the end of the CY appointment.

  12. Sick leave and other benefits remain unchanged.


  1. The CY to AY conversion must be initiated by the department head and approved by the College Dean and Provost.

  2. The effective date of all such conversions will be August 16.

  3. The AY salary will be calculated by dividing the current CY salary by the factor used in #8 above to calculate the CY salary.

  4. Unused annual leave will not be compensated at the end of the CY appointment.


President's Policy Memorandum