Resolution to Lift Ban on College-Level Examination Program

Policy Memorandum No. 154

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies & Policies
Approved by CUSP: April 10, 1995
Approved by University Council: May 1, 1995
Approved by the President: May 1, 1995
Effective: Immediately

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies and Policies, unanimously approved a resolution allowing college curriculum committees to award credit for CLEP equivalencies under certain circumstances.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by University Council:

WHEREAS, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) offers students a way to document their proficiencies and learning in a varied set of entry-level course material; and

WHEREAS, CLEP can be used flexibly by college faculties in evaluating whether the student has achieved a level of understanding that we would require for Virginia Tech courses; and

WHEREAS, students can benefit from using appropriately evaluated CLEP based credit, and move on to material for which they have demonstrated readiness;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that college curriculum committees be permitted to award credit for CLEP equivalencies to courses which are offered by that college, on the recommendation of the faculty of the department which is home to the Virginia Tech equivalent course: and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that each approved equivalency be recertified by the college no longer than two years after the previous certification.


President's Policy Memorandum