University Policy on Continuing Education

Policy Memorandum No. 140

Recommended by the Commission on Public Service and Extension
Approved by University Council: April 18, 1994
Approved by the President: April 18, 1994
Effective: Immediately

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commission on Public Service and Extension, approved a resolution reaffirming the University's policy on Continuing Education. This attached policy states that all university-sponsored non-credit continuing education programs (seminars, workshops, short courses, conferences, symposia, and professional association meetings) are the administrative responsibility of the Division of Continuing Education, except for those administered by 4-H Centers. The policy also reaffirms the use of available university facilities for lodging and food service, including the Donaldson Brown Hotel and Conference Center, for Blacksburg-based programs.

Also attached is a table of contents page regarding new operating procedures and guidelines for Continuing Education. These include a new pricing structure which reduces the administrative cost of programs over 30 percent and new direct payment guidelines and incentives for instructional faculty. Individuals desiring a copy of the entire document should contact Dr. Ted Settle (1-9982 or SETTLE@vtvm1).

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by University Council.

WHEREAS, university sponsorship of continuing education programs is a major university outreach initiative for disseminating research and knowledge to educate and upgrade the Commonwealth's and nation's workforce; and

WHEREAS, the university's policy statement on continuing education was first implemented in 1984 and requires modifications of certain policy features to be updated for changing circumstances; and

WHEREAS, the university's continuing education program reflects the diverse strengths of the faculty of this land-grant institution, and

WHEREAS, consultations with groups of faculty identified the need to make faculty compensation policies for the development and instruction of non-credit programs more market driven as an incentive for participation and the Commission on Faculty Affairs endorsed such changes; and

WHEREAS, university outreach and international programs is committed to share more revenues with colleges for presenting non-credit programs; and

WHEREAS, the university community as a whole benefits from hosting profes- sional association meetings and such meetings frequently require a differentiated pricing structure for university facilities to be attractive; and

WHEREAS, the Division of Continuing Education and Virginia Cooperative Ex- tension are university partners in meeting the educational needs of thousands and both of these units can facilitate each other's efforts with guidelines for program delivery,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Policy Memorandum No. 49 be updated to re- flect planning and administration policy changes which provide guidance for the university's overall continuing education program.


President's Policy Memorandum