Supervision and Maintenance of Quality Standards in Graduate Programs

Policy Memorandum No. 14

Recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research: April 24, 1979
Approved by University Council: May 7, 1979
Approved by the President: May 7, 1979
Effective: Immediately

This policy originated in the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research. After the Commission had initiated discussions of the subject, the Faculty Senate approved a Resolution (FS-78-5) on Supervision and Maintenance of Quality Standards in Graduate Programs. The Resolution was endorsed by the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research, and then by the University Council. The Resolution, which is now University policy, follows:

WHEREAS, the standing of the University among her peers and in the eyes of scholars and potential students rests in large part upon the perceived quality and strength of her graduate programs; and

WHEREAS, the conduct of graduate programs is wholly an academic matter and the direct concern and responsibility of the Faculty; and

WHEREAS, the establishment and implementation of criteria for the maintenance of quality and the pursuit of excellence in graduate programs is a matter which can appropriately be undertaken only by experienced scholars, discipline by discipline, in each individual program; and

WHEREAS, responsibility, authority, and accountability for the supervision and conduct of any graduate program should be shared by several faculty in a representative cross-section of subdisciplines rather than fall entirely upon a Department/Division Head; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, by the Faculty Senate, that each graduate program in the University have a graduate committee of faculty members who participate in the program, charged with responsibility for the conduct of the program, and having as chairperson a committee member who will serve as liaison through the department head with the appropriate deans and/or the Dean of the Graduate School. Each department shall look to its committee for all graduate program matters, particularly in connection with a periodic evaluation and review of its own department or divisional programs; and be it further

RESOLVED, that each such graduate committee formulate and keep current a policy statement for the files of the appropriate college dean(s) and the Dean of the Graduate School, which spells out for their program criteria governing:

  1. Graduate course teaching assignments

  2. Approval of faculty as thesis or dissertation directors

  3. Participation of faculty on graduate students' advisory committees

  4. Graduate admissions

President's Policy Memorandum