Grievance Procedures for Research Faculty

Policy Memorandum No. 135

Recommended by the Commission on Research
Approved by University Council: May 3, 1993
Approved by the President: May 3, 1993
Approved by the Board of Visitors: August 30, 1993
Effective: Immediately

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commission on Research, approved the Grievance Procedures for Research Faculty. This procedure is provided as the means for resolution of grievances against a member or members of the University administration and instructional faculty brought by the research faculty.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by University Council.

WHEREAS, the University has a talented and valuable resource in its re- search faculty, and

WHEREAS, the procedures for grievance described in the Faculty Handbook are inappropriate to this group of faculty and

WHEREAS, the need for such a policy that accounts for the special status and funding of research faculty is needed, be it resolved that

THEREFORE, the following procedures will be incorporated into the Faculty Handbook.

The text of the grievance procedures will be incorporated in the Faculty Handbook.


President's Policy Memorandum