Awarding a Certificate of Recognition for Additional Major

Policy Memorandum No. 134

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: April 5, 1993
Approved by the President: April 5, 1993
Effective: Spring 1993

Recognition for Additional Major.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by University Council.

WHEREAS, there have been recurring requests from students to have recognition of the completion of the requirements for additional majors, apart from the transcript; and

WHEREAS, students who are completing the requirements for more than one major are required to complete all requirements including college core requirements (if different from the first major); and

WHEREAS, separate diplomas are now awarded for each degree earned with a minimum of 30 semester credits at Virginia Tech, and

WHEREAS, placing additional majors on the diploma would, in some cases, cause conflicts with degree names, and

WHEREAS, placing additional majors on the diploma would, in some cases, cause confusion with the "In Honors" designations, and

WHEREAS, recognition of additional majors by means other than direct diploma listings would reduce delays in obtaining diplomas, and

WHEREAS, the University desires to recognize students who have met the requirements for more than one major,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that effective Spring, 1993, (first term summer school) upon completion of all requirements for two or more majors, including the listing of all majors on the application for degree, a diploma will be awarded in recognition of the completion of the degree in the primary major and a certificate of recognition will be awarded for each additional major. Students must indicate their primary major for the diploma and all additional majors for certificate recognition. The certificate is to be of materials and in a format similar to the Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies. The additional majors certificates will carry the following statement:

        The Board of Visitors of the Virginia Polytechnic Institute
                           and State University
           in recognition of the fulfillment of the requirements
                  for an additional major has awarded to
                             (NAME OF STUDENT)
         the certificate of recognition of the additional major in
                              (NAME OF MAJOR)
    with all the rights, and privileges and honors pertaining thereto.
       In testimony whereof, the undersigned, by authority vested in
         them, have hereunto affixed their signatures and the seal
                 of the University at Blacksburg, Virginia
              this xxx day of xxx, nineteen hundred and xxxx.

The certificates will carry the facsimile signatures of the President of the University, the Rector of the Board of Visitors, and the Dean of the College administering the major being recognized. Certificates recognizing additional majors are to be awarded without regard to the time required to meet the requirements for a major. Certificates may be awarded after the completion of a degree even if an additional 30 semester credits have not been earned.

Be it also resolved, that the University continue the current practice of granting multiple diplomas upon the completion of all degree requirements and a minimum of an semester credits for each additional degree. The time in which the additional credits are earned will not be a factor in meeting the requirements for the additional degrees and diploma recognitions.


President's Policy Memorandum