Classification and Funding of Student Organizations

Policy Memorandum No. 127

Recommended by the Commission on Student Affairs
Approved by University Council: April 20, 1992
Approved by the President: April 20, 1992
Effective: August 1, 1992

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commission on Student Affairs, unanimously approved a resolution concerning changes in the classification and funding of student organizations. The following policy summarizes the information contained in the PROPOSAL FOR THE FUNDING AND RECLASSIFICATION OF STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS, which will be included in the "Student Organizations Handbook." Copies may also be obtained from the Office of Student Organizations.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by Council.

WHEREAS, for the past eight years, the university has been in the process of considering the nature of its relationship to student organizations; and

WHEREAS, the system for the classification of student organizations enacted in 1988 does not completely address the relationship of the university to many student organizations; and

WHEREAS, the diversity of this relationship cannot be represented by classifying all student organizations into one category as had been previously done; and

WHEREAS, within a single category, uniform rules and procedures are applied, regardless of the purpose of the organization or the involvement of university staff; and

WHEREAS, after extensive study and discussion, the Commission on Student Affairs accepted a proposal on the reclassification and funding of student organizations on February 20, 1992; and

WHEREAS, this proposal provides a system of student organization classifications within three categories of student organizations -- University Student Life Program (USLP), University Chartered Student Organization (UCSO), and Registered Student Organization (RSO) -- and a new funding model appropriate for each category; and

WHEREAS, under the new funding model, both USLPs and UCSOs will request their annual funding from the Student Budget Board and RSOs will request funding from the newly established Student Government Association and Graduate Student Assembly budget boards;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, that the proposed classification system for student organizations, recommended by the Commission on Student Affairs, be approved as university policy effective August 1, 1992.


President's Policy Memorandum