Graduate Program Standards and Policies

Policy Memorandum No. 126

Recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies
Approved by University Council: April 20, 1992
Approved by the President: April 20, 1992
Effective: Fall Semester, 1992

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commission on Graduate Studies, unanimously approved a resolution concerning graduate program standards and policies. In addition to requiring departments to provide more specific graduate program guidelines, this policy also mandates periodic evaluation and assessment by the Commission on Graduate Studies and the Graduate School of a department's program standards and procedures.

This Policy Memo replaces POLICY MEMORANDUM N. 14 (dated 7 May 1979).

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by Council.

WHEREAS, the standing of the university among its peers and in the eyes of scholars and potential students rests in large part upon the perceived quality and strength of its graduate programs; and

WHEREAS, the conduct of graduate programs is primarily an academic matter and the direct concern and responsibility of the faculty;

THEREFORE, LET IT BE RESOLVED, that each graduate degree-granting program in the university be charged with responsibility for the conduct of the program, and will designate a faculty member who will serve as liaison with the appropriate college deans and the dean of the Graduate School; and

LET IT FURTHER BE RESOLVED that each graduate degree granting program formulate and keep current a policy statement, for the files of the appropriate college dean(s) and the dean of the Graduate School, which spells out for their program criteria governing:

  1. Faculty participation on graduate student advisory committees.

    1. Thesis and dissertation directors

    2. Advisory committee membership

  2. Admissions procedures and requirements.

  3. Management of graduate students.

    1. Orientation/advising

    2. Manuals/guides/handbooks

    3. Assistantships: selection procedures, obligations

    4. Evaluation of satisfactory progress towards the degree

Guidelines for preparation of the policy statement will be prepared and periodically revised by the Graduate School, with input from the Commission on Graduate Studies, and made available to the programs. Review of individual program policy statements will be part of regular graduate program evaluations and assessment.


President's Policy Memorandum