Add and Drop Deadlines

Policy Memorandum No. 12

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies: February 26, 1979
Approved by University Council: April 23, 1979
Approved by the President: June 4, 1979
Effective: Winter Quasrter, 1980

The Commission on Undergraduate Studies approved motions that the ADD deadline be the end of the fifth class day (normally the seventh calendar day) and that the DROP deadline be the end of the tenth class day. The end of the class day is determined as 5:00 p.m. In a related development, the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research on March 13, 1979, approved a recommendation that the ADD deadline for graduate (5000 or higher) courses be established five class days into the quarter and the DROP deadline remain at twenty calendar days into the quarter. Current policy has established the ADD and DROP deadlines ten and twenty days into the quarter, respectively.

After considerable discussion of these recommendations, the University Council approved a motion to establish the ADD and DROP deadlines at the end of the fifth class day, and this action was conveyed as a recommendation.

Following thorough consideration of this entire matter, of the recommendations of the two Commissions and of the University Council, and of student concerns, I have approved the original recommendation of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies, establishing the ADD and DROP deadlines at the end of the fifth and tenth class days respectively, beginning with the Winter Quarter, 1980. The end of the class day will be considered as 5:00 p.m.

The purpose of this policy change is to enable faculty and students to make better use of class sessions early in each quarter without so many disruptions caused by class changes. The new policy will be evaluated carefully by a committee of faculty, students, and administrators. In addition, in response to student concerns, special efforts will be made in each of the academic departments to designate the names of course instructors prior to pre-registration.


President's Policy Memorandum