Offering of Academic Minors

Policy Memorandum No. 11c

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies: February 12, 1979
Approved by University Council: April 2, 1979
Approved by the President: April 2, 1979
Effective: Immediately

On recommendation of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies, University Council approved the following six statements of policy relating to minors:

  1. Except for very unusual academic programs (for example, interdisciplinary), minors are to be offered only in areas of approved majors. Minors will not be approved for options within a major area of study.

  2. The current 27 credit hour minimum requirements should be retained for departmental minors.

  3. All departments with approved minors shall provide advising for students seeking a minor in that department. This stipulation is implicit in any proposed minor, and the details of advising are subject to the discretion of the college and departments concerned and need not be specified in the proposal.

  4. In those cases where there is an indication of specialization within a minor or where less than eight hours of course work at the 3000 level or above are required, the proposing department is expected to provide clear and specific justification for such proposals. Departments should include a statement of all course prerequisites which are unusual or are not obvious to one seeking a minor.

  5. Minors are to be processed through a college curriculum committee and the CUS for review and approval.

  6. A QCA of 2.00 is required in the minor. These statements were developed by the Committee on Review and Evaluation and the Committee on New Academic Programs of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies. They are considered a clarification and codification of pre-existing policy.


President's Policy Memorandum