Incomplete Grades

Policy Memorandum No. 116

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies and the Commission on Graduate Studies
Approved by University Council: April 25, 1991
Approved by the President: April 25, 1991
Effective: Spring 1992

The University Council, on recommendation of the Commissions on Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies, unanimously approved a resolution pertaining to the issuance of an incomplete ("I") grade. The resolution states that receipt of an "I" grade will not affect a student's QCA unless it is not remedied prior to the end of the subsequent semester, at which time it will convert to an "F."

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by Council.

Whereas, in the 1990-91 Undergraduate Catalog (p. 32), it states "'I' grades and 'NG' grades are computed as 'F' grades in determining QCA."; and

Whereas, the Commission on Graduate Studies and the Faculty Senate have endorsed a change so that an "I" grade would not affect the QCA; and

Whereas, treating an "I" grade as an "F" has unduly punished some students through disqualification for financial aid or academic honors; and

Whereas, "I" grades are sometimes given inappropriately; for example, when the full course work cannot be realistically completed in one semester, the Dean can approve a course for an "X" grade; and

Whereas, the policy for removing "I" grades has not been implemented in a consistent manner;

Therefore, let it be resolved that

Effective Spring Semester 1992, an "I" grade should not affect the QCA. Accordingly, in the sentence cited above from the Undergraduate Catalog, the words "'I' grades and " should be deleted and in the discussion of "I" grades in the Undergraduate Catalog, the Graduate Catalog and Section 3.5 of the Faculty Handbook, the following sentence should be added: "The QCA is unaffected by the 'I' grade."'; and that the policies for granting and removing an "I" grade be rigorously enforced.


President's Policy Memorandum