Reinstating the "D" Grades for Graduate Credit

Policy Memorandum No. 110

Recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies
Approved by University Council: December 3, 1990
Approved by the President: December 3, 1990
Effective: Fall Semester 1991

The University Council, on recommendation by the Commission on Graduate Studies, unanimously approved a resolution that reinstates the option of issuing a "D+," "D," or "D-" grade for graduate credit. This resolution overturns Policy Memorandum 8.0, dated December 1978, which had abolished this grading option.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by Council.

WHEREAS, Virginia Tech currently has different grading STANDARDS for graduate and undergraduate degrees, but the same grading SCALE except that Policy Memorandum No. 8.0 (dated 20 December 1978) established the policy that the only grade for graduate students below "C-" is an "F"; and

WHEREAS, graduate students can take undergraduate courses for credit, yet, because of Policy Memorandum No. 8.0, the standards for passing such a course are different for graduate students and undergraduate students; and

WHEREAS, the policy, precluding "D" grades for graduate students, results in a large jump in quality credit for a change of grade from "C-" to anything lower: From 1.7 to 0; and

WHEREAS, the distorted grading scale places extreme hardship on a student who performs at just below a "C-" level in even one course to bring his/her QCA up to the required 3.0 for degree completion;

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED, that effective Fall Semester 1991, the Virginia Tech GRADUATE CATALOG, under Chapter 1, "General Information," in the section entitled "The Grading System," be revised to show the reinstatement of the "D+," "D," and "D-" grades in graduate student grading.


President's Policy Memorandum