Reconciliation Committee

Policy Memorandum No. 105

Recommended by the Commission on Faculty Affairs
Approved by University Council: December 4, 1989
Approved by the President: December 4, 1989
Effective: Immediately

The University Council, on recommendation by the Commission on Faculty Affairs, unanimously approved a resolution which permits individuals to voluntarily share confidential information, when appropriate, with the Reconciliation Committee.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by Council.

Whereas, The Reconciliation Committee serves the University by informally mediating disputes and providing a forum for resolving conflict in matters of academic freedom, tenure, professional responsibility, and faculty welfare, and

Whereas, the Reconciliation Committee can make an optimal contribution only if it enjoys the full confidence of members of the faculty and administration, therefore,

Let it be resolved that the following sentences be added to Paragraph 1.4.9 in the FACULTY HANDBOOK defining the Committee on Reconciliation:

"Cooperation and candor from all members of the University community are prerequisite to the successful functioning of the Committee on Reconciliation in investigating serious and delicate cases. Confidential information concerning personnel and academic issues may be shared with the Committee; it keeps no written records and treats all matters with utmost sensitivity."


President's Policy Memorandum