Salary Supplements for Alumni Distinguished Professors

Policy Memorandum No. 103

Recommended by the Commission on Faculty Affairs
Approved by University Council: October 16, 1989
Approved by the President: October 16, 1989
Effective: Immediately

The University Council, on recommendation by the Commission on Faculty Affairs, unanimously approved a resolution which provides salary supplements for Alumni Distinguished Professors. This resolution removes the mention of a specific dollar amount associated with the endowment and clarifies that these funds are administered through the Office of the Provost.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by Council.

Whereas, Alumni Distinguished Professorships are endowed by the Association, and

Whereas, the Alumni Association wishes to develop funding to increase the value of that endowment eventually to be consistent with other endowed professorships, and

Whereas, to provide enhanced retirement benefits for Alumni Distinguished Professors, the salary supplements, just as the base salary, should be subject to merit adjustment in the same manner as for other endowed professorships, therefore,

Let it be resolved that item 1 under "IV. Perquisites and Responsibilities:" of Section 2.5.2 of the FACULTY HANDBOOK be replaced by:

1. The Alumni Association has established an endowment to provide annual salary supplements for each Alumni Distinguished Professor, such supplement to be determined annually by the Provost with appropriate consultation. Any endowment income not used for salary supplements will accumulate to enhance the principal of the endowment account and thus to provide occasional increases in the supplements. In addition, the university will provide each Alumni Distinguished Professor with an annual account to provide support of appropriate academic activities (e.g., books, travel, journal subscriptions, research expenses, etc.) in addition to that provided by the department.


President's Policy Memorandum