Revision of Policy Memorandum #5, Faculty Authored Textbooks

Policy Memorandum No. 101

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: March 6, 1989
Approved by the President: March 6, 1989
Effective: Immediately

With approval of the Commissions on Faculty Affairs, Graduate Studies and Research, and Undergraduate Studies, the University Council took action in May 1978 to establish policy on adoption of textbooks authored by Virginia Tech faculty and intended for purchase by students for use in our classes. The policy, as written, states:

It is the policy of the University that textbooks, manuals, workbooks or other class material authored by Virginia Tech faculty and intended for purchase by students for use in Virginia Tech classes may not be used unless first approved by the appropriate departmental, collegiate and university-level committees.

On March 6, 1989, at the recommendation of the Commission on Undergraduate Studies, University Council took action to revise the policy with regard to approval requirements and review for faculty accused of abusing the policy. The revision eliminates the required approval by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies and places the responsibility for approval for use of faculty-authored textbooks with the department chair.

Following is the text of the resolution as adopted by the University Council.

WHEREAS, new technologies increase the types of materials available for classroom use, and

WHEREAS, the University wishes to encourage faculty to develop and use all resources available to increase the quality of teaching, and

WHEREAS, potential abuse of the new technologies of printing, computing and video capabilities are of concern to the University community, and

WHEREAS, the University wishes to preserve academic freedom and integrity,

BE IT RESOLVED, that a faculty member teaching a course may not receive a royalty and/or other fees beyond direct cost of production and sales for any material used as part of class activity, except for material that has received an independent external review, that has been copyrighted and a portion of the copyright is owned by a publisher other than the author. This resolution replaces Policy No. 5 (1)--dated June 29, 1978--pertaining to faculty authored textbooks, which is described in Section 3.4.1 of the FACULTY HANDBOOK and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that faculty accused of abusing the distribution of classroom material for personal financial gain will be subject to review by the Committee on Faculty Ethics.


President's Policy Memorandum