Restricting Extra-class Activities During Final Examination Periods

Policy Memorandum No. 9a

Recommended by the Commission on Student Affairs
Approved by University Council: January 15, 1979
Approved by the President: January 15, 1979
Effective: Immediately

The University Self-Study, 1975-76, called attention to a problem for many students arising when student organizations occasionally schedule events during final examination periods, and it recommended "That the Commission on Student Affairs and the Calendar Committee closely coordinate their activities to eliminate extra-curricular activities during final examination week, and that the Commission on Student Affairs consider establishing a ban on extra-class activities during final examinations and the forty-eight hours immediately preceding the final examination." (Page 214)

In line with this recommendation, the CSA overwhelmingly approved the recommendation of the Self-Study and forwarded it to the University Council which also gave strong approval to the recommendation. I take pleasure in approving this additional recommendation of the Self-Study, and we will move immediately toward implementing it.


President's Policy Memorandum