Revision of Graduate Admission Policy

Policy Memorandum No. 8b

Recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research, May 15, 1978
Approved by University Council: November 20, 1978
Approved by President: November 20, 1978
Effective: Immediately

Under current policy (page 7, Graduate School Policies and Procedures Manual), "Graduate students who are currently pursuing a degree at another university may not transfer until they have completed their degree requirements. This policy applies to both national and international students..." Under the change, which is effective immediately, this requirement is eliminated.

The policy has been found to be a deterrent to transfers by graduate students of high quality. In one instance, graduate students found after enrolling in a graduate program at another university of considerable prestige that the program at the other institution was not as well suited to their educational goals as the corresponding program at Virginia Tech; the current policy tended to discourage these students from gaining admission here, even though they were eminently qualified and strongly desired to come here. The current policy, which is being eliminated, tends to be both detrimental to the University's interests and unfairly discriminatory against transfer applicants.


President's Policy Memorandum