Revision in Graduate Student Grading

Policy Memorandum No. 8a

Recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research, May 9, 1978
Approved by University Council: November 6, 1978
Approved by the President: November 6, 1978
Effective: Fall Quarter 1979

The University Council and President on February 20, 1978, approved a twelve-point, refined grading scale for students, to begin in the Fall Quarter, 1979, incorporating "pluses" and "minuses" (this policy change was explained fully in Policy Memorandum No. 3, dated February 22, 1978). In connection with that revision, the University Council on November 6 recommended a further revision in the grading system for graduate students.

Under this revision, which I have approved and which will become effective in the Fall Quarter of 1979, courses in which a graduate student earns grades below "C-" (D+, D, D-, F) will be awarded zero quality credits, and a graduate student would be required to retake such courses. (Faculty should realize, therefore, that, for graduate students, all grades in the "D" range will be automatically converted to "F").

Our current policy (before the revision) stipulates that a graduate student must repeat a course with a "D" grade. However, such a course grade presently carries one quality credit. Our new policy, which will remove this inconsistency, is appropriate since a "D" is regarded as completely unsatisfactory at the graduate level and should not receive quality credit.


President's Policy Memorandum