Maximum of 12 Hours of 5970/5980 for 81 Hours Master's Degree Program

Policy Memorandum No. 6d

Recommended by: Commission on Graduate Studies and Research Aprroved by University Council: June 5, 1978
Approved by President: June 5, 1978
Effective: First Summer Term, 1978

The University Council on June 5, 1978, approved a revision in the policy to enable:

"Students engaged in a 81 hour Master's Degree program will be permitted to take a maximum of 12 hours of 5970/5980."

The Commission and the University Council felt that this liberalization would make the degree requirements and options in an 81 hour program more consistent with the 7 hour limitation in a 45 hour Master's program. I am pleased to note my approval of this recommended modification.

President's Policy Memorandum