Transfer of Courses to Satisfy Minimum Master's Degree Requirements

Policy Memorandum No. 6c

Recommended by: Commission on Graduate Studies and Research
Approved by University Council: June 5, 1978
Approved by President: June 5, 1978 Effective Date: First Summer Term, 1978

The University Council on June 5, 1978, approved a revision in the policy to permit: "Course credits from another accredited institution, not to exceed 20 percent of a student's program of study, may be considered for transfer in satisfying Master's Degree requirements."

While this revised policy will not affect transfer credits for a 45 (48) hour Master's program, it does liberalize the number of hours that may be transferred in those programs requiring a minimum of 81 quarter hours (up to 16 hours may now be transferred). In approving this policy, I should note that this revision does not affect the stipulated grade and applicability requirements. Furthermore, this revision does not impinge on our consortium arrangements that permit up to one-half of a student's program to be transferred from a consortium member sister institution(s).

President's Policy Memorandum