Revision of Academic Eligibility Schedule

Policy Memorandum No. 6a

Recommended by the Commission on Undergraduate Studies
Approved by University Council: June 5, 1978
Approved by the President: June 5, 1978
Effective: Fall Quarter 1979

The University Council on June 5, 1978 approved a revision of the academic eligibility schedule for undergraduate students. The Commission on Undergraduate Studies felt that the current academic eligibility schedule requiring a 1.25 Q.C.A. on 0-42 hours attempted is too low and is not a realistic goal. Furthermore, the present schedule may well create a false sense of accomplishment and security for many students. Accordingly, I am pleased to approve the new academic eligibility schedule:

Hours Attempted
(including P/F Courses)
plus Transfer Hours
Required Cumulative
QCA at end of
each academic year

President's Policy Memorandum