Independent Study (5970 courses) to be graded on Pass/Fail basis only

Policy Memorandum No. 5c

Recommended by Commission on Graduate Studies and Research, February 28, 1978
Approved by University Council: April 3, 1978
Approved by the President: May 15, 1978
Effective: First Summer Term, 1978

The University Council, on April 3, 1978, approved the policy recommended by the Commission on Graduate Studies and Research to permit Independent Study (5970) at the graduate level to be taken on a Pass/Fail basis only.

The Commission's recommendation was predicated on a continuing concern for grade inflation in graduate courses. Over 95 per cent of the grades in graduate level courses continue to be "A's" and "B's." More importantly, over 95 per cent of the grades reported for the 5970 Independent Study are "A's." Thus, the Commission felt that the current grading practices for 5970 Independent Study did little to discriminate between truly superior performance and only acceptable performance.


President's Policy Memorandum