University Policy on Committees, Committee Structure

Policy Memorandum No. 4

Recommended by: AD HOC Committee on Committees, April 6, 1978
Approved by University Council: April 17, 1978
Approved by the President: April 17, 1978
Effective: September 1, 1978

The University Council on April 17 approved substantial revisions in the University's policies relating to internal committees. These include new procedures for the establishment and appointment of "University Committees" and "Operational Committees," and for specifying the composition of University Committees. These policies and procedures were recommended by the AD HOC Committee on Committees after an intensive study. I appointed the AD HOC Committee on Committees last November, as a result of a recommendation in the University Self Study that "The President, with the advice of the Faculty Senate, appoint an ad hoc governance committee (or committees) to study and make recommendations to the appropriate bodies concerning...the membership and manner of selection of University Committees..."

The report of the AD HOC Committee on Committees was shared with and generally endorsed by the Faculty Senate and by the chairmen of most of the University Committees, before submission to University Council. Copies of the full report are being distributed with the minutes of teh University Council meeting of April 17. The following summary of the Report is shared with faculty to improve understanding of this important action by University Council:

University committees, defined as those "constituted on a continuing basis and appointed by the President to deal with matters of university-wide interest," may be established, disestablished and/or changed in membership composition by the University President on a recommendation of the University Council. When a University Committee is established, its name, memberhsip, method of appointment, charge, and reporting procedure are designated. The President is to appoint the chairmen of all University Committees. The provisions of the Constitution of the University Council, as amended in 1973, remain in force as they relate to the appointment and function of University Committees.

Operational Committees are defined as "those committees constituted on a continuing basis and appointed by the Provost or Vice Presidents to deal with matters which have University-wide interest but which fall primarily within the responsibilities of the appointing officer." In appointing Operational Committees, the appointing officers may, but are not required to, observe the provisions of the University Council Constitution relating to the appointment of University Committees. The appointing officers, after informing the University Council, may establish or disestablish Operational Committees, according to need.

Special provisions are to be made to publicize and to inform the faculty, through the Catalog and Faculty-Staff Directory, of the names and members of the University Committees and Operational Committees.

The following ten committees, currently appointed by the President, are officially designated as "University Committees."

Employee Benefits
Honor System Review Board
Scheduling and Registration
Scholarship and Student Aid

The Copyrights and Patents Committees, both currently appointed by the President, will be combined and formally designated as the Copyrights and Patents Committee. It is anticipated that this committee will include two sub-committees, one to handle patent responsibilities and the other to handle copyright responsibilties.

The following committees are designated as Operational Committees, appointed by the officer designated in parentheses:

Academic Appeals (Provost)
Bookstore Advisory Committee (Vice President for Adminstration)
Catalog (Provost)
Faculty Handbook (Provost)
Homecoming (Vice President for Development)
Honors (Provost)
International Programs (Provost)
Laboratory Animal Care (Vice President for Adminstration)
Learning Resources (Provost)
New Faculty Orientation (Provost)
Personnel and Purchasing Advisory Committee (Vice President for Adminstration)
Pre-medical, Pre-veterinary, and Pre-dental Advisory Committee (Provost)
Promotion and Tenure (Provost)
Radiation Safety (Vice President for Adminstration)
Research Council (Provost)
Safety (Vice President for Adminstration)
Summer Orientation (Provost and Vice President for Student Affairs)
Telecommunications Resources Use Committee (Vice President for Adminstration)
Traffic Appeals Subcommittee (Vice President for Student Affairs)
Visiting Scholar (Provost)

The University Sanctioned Awards and Special Recognition Committee, because it has completed its task of organizing a system of university-sanctioned awards and recognitions, will be disestablished.

The specific composition of each University Committee is set forth in the AD HOC Committee's Report and, as such, is included in the minutes of the University Council of April 17. For purposes of record keeping, it is recommended that interested persons attach to this Policy Memorandum a copy of the AD HOC Committee Report, as distributed with the University Council minutes.

President's Policy Memorandum