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President's Policy Memorandums
No. Subject
239 Reporting Diversity-Related Activities on Faculty Activity Reports (FARs)
238 Course Withdrawl Policy for Graduate Students
237 Creation of Clinical Track Faculty Ranks
236 Revision of Faculty Handbook Section 2.8.4 on Criteria for Promotion and Tenure
235 Composition of University Level Promotion and Tenure Committee
234 Revisions to Chapter 4 of the Faculty Handbook
233 Committee Recommendations for Promotion and/or Tenure
Conveying the division of the vote
232 Deletion of Untaught Classes from the Graduate School Catalog —
(Amendment to Presidential Policy Memorandum no. 11)
231 Revision of the Writing Intensive Requirement
230 Awarding of a Graduate Certificate
229 Update to Policy No. 1 — Evaluation of the Progress of Graduate Students
228 Revision of University Calendar Criteria
(balances semesters by reducing number of class days in fall semester by one)
227 Temporary Freeze on Course Proposals to The University Core Curriculum Committee
226 Return-Service Obligation for Study-Research Leave
225 Administrative Responsibilities for Education Abroad Programming
224 Faculty Commitment to the University
223 Clarification of the University Core Curriculum Writing Intensive (WI) Requirement
222 Changes to University Policies for Student Life
221 Observance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
220 Extended Campus Student Organization
219 Support of International Outreach Programming
218 Faculty Handbook Revisions for Special Research Faculty
217 Promotion from Associate Professor to Professor
216 Length of Appointment for Faculty Representatives on the University Committees on Promotion and Tenure/Continued Appointment
215 Faculty Compensation for Credit Continuing Education Courses
214 Revision to the Constitution of the Virginia Tech Staff Senate
213 Confirming Continuation of Policy 13010 Concerning Conflicts of Interest and Commitment
212 Technical Assistance Program
211 Revision to the Geographic Transfer Policy (PPM #119)
210 Special Research Faculty Ranks
209 Visiting Faculty Appointments
208 Addition of Vice-Provost for Academic Affairs as an ex officio member to the University Athletic Committee
207 Revision of the Faculty Senate Constitution
206 Regular Appointments for Special Research Faculty
205 Editorial Revisions and Clarification for Section 2.3.4 Faculty Handbook Concerning Additional Considerations in Promotion and Tenure Decisions
204 Pass/Fail Policy
203 Offering Academic Minors - Change to Presidential Policy Memorandum 11c
202 Revising Student Code of Conduct Drug Law Policy
201 Clarifying When Students Are Subject to Disciplinary Action
200 Residency for Doctoral Candidates
199 Disclosure And Approval Of External Activities
198 Revision of Definition of Graduate Teaching Assistant
197 Revise Presidential Policy Memorandum No. 72: Credit Granted Other Than That Obtained in Traditional Enrollment at Virginia Tech
196 Revise Presidential Policy Memorandum No. 69 Freshman Rule Policy
195 Changing Advisory Committee Membership
194 Transfer Credit for Master's Degrees
193 Name Change of the College of Forestry and Wildlife Resources to the College of Natural Resources
192 American History
191 Revision to Academic Eligibility Policy Presidential Policy Memorandum167
190 Modifying Assignment of Duties to Faculty Members
189 Modification of Family Sick Leave Policy
188 Committee Approval of Theses and Dissertations
187 Policy on Independent and Special Study Courses
186 Revisions to the University Policies for Student Life Code of Conduct
185 Expansion of Admission Criteria for Students from Other than Accredited Schools
184 Policy on Auditing Graduate Courses
183 Virginia Tech Credits Required for the Awarding of a Degree
182 Imposition of Sanctions Other Than Dismissal
181 Proposal to Modify the Faculty Handbook Policy on Emeritus Status
180 Professional Ethics
179 Severe Sanctions for Post-Tenure Review and Limitation of Period ofRemediation
178 Accommodation of Disabilities
177 Change in Scheduling M, W, F Classes
176 Regarding Fines for Faculty and Staff . . . for Library Items
175 Policy on Animal Disposal
174 Establishment of Schools
173 Policy on Transfer of Virginia Community College Students
172 Revision to University Policy 4305 on Authorized Closings
171 Reclassification of Undergraduate Academic Levels
170 Policies and Procedures for Releasing Plant Germplasm
169 Proposed Restructuring of Undergraduate Degree Programs in Urban Affairsand Planning
168 Transition to New Academic Eligibility Policy
167 Academic Eligibility Policy
166 To allow Transfer Credit for Students Participating in NSEP and ISEP
165 Post-Tenure Review Process
164 Reassignment of Administrative and Professional (A/P) Faculty to ClassifiedPositions
163 Policy on Observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
162 Governance Representation During Merger Period of Colleges of HumanResources and Education
161 Academic Year/Calendar Year Appointment
160 New Graduate Degree Program Process
159 Reduction in Force for Program Restructuring or Discontinuance
158 Five Year Bachelor/Master's Degree
157 Chairperson Election Process
156 Policy for Classified Staff Teaching Courses
155 Modify Obsolete Credit Rule
154 Resolution to Lift Ban on College-Level Examination Program
153 Modifications to the Freshman Rule
152 Amendments to Policy Memo 126
151 Research Faculty Title Series
150 Conflict of Interest
149 Dismissal for Cause
148 Graduation Requirement Policy
147 Sexual Harassment Policy Revision
146 Revision of the Process for Review of Proposals for Reduction in Force
145 Graduate Course Modifications
144 4000 & 5000 Level Courses
143 Policy on Classroom Attendance
142 Ownership and Control of Research Results
141 Governance-Level Approval of Course Proposals
140 University Policy on Continuing Education
139 Promotions from Extra-Collegiate Instructor in the Library
138 Governance and Employment Policies for A/P Faculty
137 Procedures for Allegations of Misconduct in Scholarly Activities
136 Termination Procedures for Research Faculty
135 Grievance Procedures for Research Faculty
134 Awarding a Certificate of Recognition for Additional Major
133 Faculty Grievance Policy and Procedures
132 Family Leave Policy
131 Policy on Instructors and Lecturers
130 Academic Eligibility Policy for Agriculture Technology
129 Definitions of Graduate Assistantships
128 Constitution and Bylaws of the Virginia Tech Staff Senate
127 Classification and Funding of Student Organizations
126 Graduate Program Standards and Policies
125 Revised University Core Curriculum
124 Policy on Library Deposit Copies of University Publications
123 Special Research Faculty Appointments
122 Compliance with Va State & Local Government Conflict of InterestAct
121 Policy on Intellectual Properties
120 Constitution of the Virginia Tech Graduate Honor System
119 Geographical Transfer Policy
118 Establishment of the Interdisciplinary Research Centers
117 Establishment of an Academy of Public Service Excellence
116 Incomplete Grades
115 Internal Transfer of Students
114 Sexual Harassment Policy
113 Academic Eligibility
112 Non-Discrimination Statement
111 Residency Requirement
110 Reinstating the "D" Grades for Graduate Credit
109 Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Requirement Changes
108 Length of Administrative Terms in Office
107 Midterm Assessment of Undergraduate Students
106 Change in Membership of Commission on Student Affairs
105 Reconciliation Committee
104 Tenure Process as it Relates to Instructors/Lecturers
103 Salary Supplements for Alumni Distinguished Professors
102 Faculty Ethics
101 Revision of Policy Memorandum
100 Revision of Policy Memo
99 Appointment of Named Professorships and Chairs
98 Faculty Review Committee
97 Defending Student Status for Qualified Graduate Students
96 Registration of Student Organizations
95 Fraternity and Sorority Semester Rush
94 Establishment of a University Committee on Athletics
93 Review of New Faculty Appointments
92 Assignment of NG Grades
91 Eligibility for Continued Enrollment
90 Name Change for the Scholarship and Student Aid Committee
89 Departmental Designation on Graduate Diplomas
88 Consulting Activities for Extension Faculty
87 Software Copyright
86 Event Approval
85 Policy on Sexual Harassment
84 Virginia Tech Films Policy
83 Addition of Two Student Members to Traffic Committee
82 Moratorium on Proposal of Changes in University Core Courses
81 Faculty Review Committee
80 Policy Change on Allowing Graduate Credit for Certain 4000 Level Courses
79 Study Research Leave
78 Addition of Faculty Senate Rep to Computer and Library Committees
77 Enrollment for Degree
76 University Core Curriculum -- Clarification for Semester Calendar
75 Credit by Examination
74 Establishment of a University Communications Network Committee
73 Policy on Intellectual Properties
72 Transfer Credit, Advanced Placement Credit, Advanced Standing Credit
71 Definitions of Special Faculty Appointments
70 University Honorifics and Honorary Degrees
69 The Freshman Rule
68 Entrance Requirements
67 Policy on Reduction in Force
66 Policy on Re-examination for Graduating Seniors
65 Affiliated Research Fellows Program
64 Study Week
63 Core Curriculum Implementation
62 Study-Research Leaves
61 Leave Policy for Faculty on Restricted Appointments
60 Non-Thesis Options for the Master of Fine Arts Degree in Theatre Arts
59 Recognition of Faculty Performance on International Assignment
58 Academic Drop Policy
57 Revision in Policies on Continued Appointment
56 Slight Change in Direct Pay Policy of the Continuing Education Center
55 Change in Membership and Charge of the Computer Committee
54 Change in Core Curriculum Requirements for Freshman English
53 New Provisions Related to the University Core Curriculum
52 Course Prerequisites
51 Lengthening of the Drop Period
50 University Copyright Policy
49 Revised University Policy on Continuing Education
48 Revised Policy on Refinement of Policy on Credit by Examination
47 Guidelines for Prior Probationary Credit
46 Procedures for Resolving Faculty Disputes
45 Policy on Faculty Definition
44 University Core Curriculum
43 University-Funded Merit Scholarships Program
42b Resolution to add chairperson of the Black Organizations Council to the Commission On Student Affairs
42a Resolution designating the EO/AA Advisory Committee as a University Committee
41b Resolution for Changing Catalog Disclaimer Statement
41a Resolution on Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Requirement Changes
40 Policy Pertaining to Internal Transfers of Students
39 Policy Modification on Study-Research Leaves
38 Policy Statement on Grade Appeal Procedure
37 Obsolete Academic Records
36 Readmission of Students With Weak Academic Records
35 Academic Eligibility Schedule
34 University Committee on Patents and University Committee on Copyrights
33 Guidelines for Collge- and University-Level Promotion and Tenure
32 University Recognition of Excellence in Teaching
31b Revision in Catalog Statement Regarding Out-of-State Admissions
31a Revision of Catalog Statement on Admission of Students in the Arts
30 Revisions to Constitutions of the University Council and Faculty Senate
29 New Faculty Sick Leave Policy
28 Guidelines for Department Promotion & Tenure Committee Composition
27 Specifications of Graduate Cooperative Education Program
26 Guidelines for Events Sponsored by Student Organizations
25 Policy Statement on the Alumni Distinguished Professorship
24 Policy Change, Amendment to Policy on Pass-Fail Grading System
23 Policy Changes Relating to Graduate Student Fees
22 Improvement in Transmission System of Policy Review and Approval Process
21 Modification of Auditing Policy
20 Extended Hours of Student Visitation in Residence Halls
19 Clarification on Faculty Earning Degrees at the University
18 Resignations from the University by Graduate Students
17 Membership of the University Council
16 Change in Student Membership of University Council
15b Unclassified Professional Student Category in College of Education
15a Option to Change From Master's Thesis to Non-thesis Program
14 Supervision and Maintenance of Quality Standards in Graduate Programs
13 Revision of Faculty Handbook on Special Faculty Appointments
12 Add and Drop Deadlines
11c Offering of Academic Minors
11b ProhibitingStudents From Repeating Courses to Improve Grade Averages
11a Deletion of Untaught Classes From the Graduate School Catalog
10 Revision in Promotion and Tenure Policies
9c Requirement of Final Examination for All Master's Programs
9b Revision of Policy Concerning Graduate Course Work on Pass/Fail Basis
9a Restricting Extra-class Activities During Final Examination Periods
8b Revision of Graduate Admission Policy
8a Revision in Graduate Student Grading
7 Statement of Professional Ethics and Responsibilities
6d Maximum of 12 Hours of 5970/5980 for 81 Hours Master's DegreeProgram
6c Transfer of Courses to Satisfy Minimum Master's Degree Requirements
6b Rescheduling Multiple Examinations on One Day
6a Revision of Academic Eligibility Schedule
5d Common-Times Examination Policy
5c Independent Study (5970 courses) to be Graded on Pass/Fail basis Only
5b Graduate Students Must Maintain A 3.0 QCA On All Course Work
5a Policy on Faculty-Authored Textbooks
4 University Policy on Committees, Committee Structure
3 Refined Grading Scale
2 Change in Visitation Hours Under University Policies for Student Life
1 Procedures for Evaluation of the Progress of Graduate Students